Friday, March 6, 2009

Co-curricular activities are waste of times and money. Do you agree?

Co-curricular activities are activities that are planned for student after school. Students are required to join at least 1 uniformed unit and a club. In my opinion, these activities play important role in student’s life. Therefore not waste the student’s time and money.

Co-curricular activities can bring the broadening experience for student to learn about themselves, other person, and the community at large through the various activities organized such as camping, school trip, project work and campaigns. For example, students are given a chance to encounter situation and opportunities in the real world when they are go on a study tour. Teacher can trains the student how to communicate with other person and their community spirit to solve the problem when they are doing the group work.

Beside that, co-curricular activities provide student with a chance to develop other aspect such as music, sports and other living skill. Confined to the demand of their studies, students are unable to develop their talents and may be branded as failures.

In addition, these activities provide leadership training for student. They will get a chance to learn how to lead a team. They learn organizational skills such as planning, budgeting and problem-solving, all of which the classroom situation may be unable to provide.

Co-curricular activities certainly play an important role in a student life. They complement the activities of the classroom. In a nutshell, a well-planned co-curricular programme can help student become wholesome individuals. Thus, co-curricular activities are definitely not a waste of times and money. It can improve their knowledge.

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